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More than 35 years making clothes
We are a family business that started 35 years ago, in 1986, designing, sewing and printing T-shirts mostly for the touristic market. The father and founder, Dimitrios Saripapazoglou, started the business and with his entrepreneurial wit he managed to create, sustain and grow his T-shirt factory. In the beginning, he was working as a wholesale provider so he was creating clothes and selling them to shops all around Greece, like Crete, Chalkidiki, Mykonos, Santorini and many more. With the invaluable help of his wife, Nicole, they were a very strong entrepreneurial couple because she could manage and prepare all the shop orders while Dimitris was busy showing the products and getting more clients. Around 1997, they also entered the retail market by renting a shop at Plaka and started selling their proper clothes directly to customers. Buying a T-shirt from their shop was truly a unique experience since Dimitris would also sometimes offer you an Ouzo to thank you for your purchase or try to communicate with you even he could not speak your language. So, he has a very authentic greek personality with characteristics like hospitality, warm heart and strong, deep voice! Around 1999, his son, Christos, started working at the Plaka shop and slowly took over the business. Christos also took some of the very important characteristics from his father, like a very good heart and hard working skills! He was managing the shop until 2009 when they stopped with retail and closed their shop at Plaka. Since then, the business is again mostly wholesale and working with different shops around Greece.